Thinking of buying or selling your property in Mont-Tremblant?

Put your mind at ease and entrust the sale to a local expert who recognizes the value of the Mont-Tremblant lifestyle. Combining his many years of experience in Tremblant’s unique real estate market with his passion for the region, Sean Hummell offers personalized service to his clients.

Mont Tremblant is a popular destination for buyers with its appealing scenery, beautiful homes and plenty of things to do. Sean Hummell, a top real estate agent in the area for years and with extensive knowledge about Tremblant’s unique market conditions offers personalized service that will make your property dreams come true.

The most prestigious ski resort in Quebec, Mont-Tremblant is just less than 2 hours drive from Ottawa and Montreal offering skiers the perfect blend between city life with all its luxurious yet still being able to enjoy some fresh air outdoors when they need it most during their vacation or weekend getaway.